On Tap


Hollister hefeweizen -5.3% ABV

A light Bavarian wheat ale with hints of banana and clove.


Beachside Blonde - 4.8% ABV
German style Kolsch ale. Crisp and clean with an earthy hop bite.


astro boy - 4.7% abv

California Lager brewed for drink-ability. Crafted with German malts, American hops and a Bavarian yeast strain that balances both with ease. Smooth and crisp, this beer is bright yellow with a clean Lager finish


fairview farmhouse - 6.2% ABV

Rye Saison gently spiced with orange peel, black pepper, grains of paradise and ginger. Crisp and refreshing.


low winter sun - 6.2% ABV

American style Wild Ale.  This beer delivers flavors of ripe tropical fruit and berries by combining late additions of mosaic hops and three different strains of brettanomyces.

orange blossom special - 5.8% ABV

A light refreshing golden ale brewed with 6 gallons of local orange blossom honey and the peels of 25 pounds of oranges.


radar Gun  - 5.8% ABV

Abundantly drinkable Golden Pale Ale with a booming floral aroma highlighted by notes of citrus and tropical fruit.


Table 42 Red Ale - 6.4% ABV
Rich malty flavors of caramel and freshly baked bread with a mellow hop profile to balance.


patterson porter - 5.9% abv

Dark and rich ale with hints of chocolate sweetness.


Pocket Full o' Green - 7.6% ABV

A twist on an American I.P.A. this completely unfiltered beer is still brewed with copious amounts of hops but mixes up the act by incorporating 30% wheat malt. Adding a slightly softer mouthfeel and a fuller body, the wheat malt and the interplay of five different hop varietals make this a pleasure to sip.


The Pope I.P.A. - 6.8% ABV
Full bodied yet dry, this West Coast I.P.A. is packed with flavors reminiscent of fresh fruit and pine forests.


Hippie Kicker I.P.A. - 7.2% ABV

Bold and brash American style I.P.A. This beer has a bracing hop bitterness and aggressive in your face aroma. Expect a dry and sharp lingering aftertaste from this golden yellow meanie.


contract killer D.I.P.A. - 8.8% abv

Layered with Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra hop pellets and finished with whole leaf Amarillo and CTZ hops. Juicy, resinous and entirely too drinkable!