On Tap


Beachside Blonde - 4.8% ABV
German style Kolsch ale. Crisp and clean with an earthy hop bite.


lipstick Powder & Paint - 5.4% ABV

Classic American Amber Ale featuring a variety of Pacific Northwest hops.  Easy drinking while still backed up with plenty of malt and hop flavor.


ctrl alt delete - 6.0% ABV

Copper colored Dusseldorf style Alt beer.  Extremely drinkable, this beer is a balance of malt and nobel European hops.  Crisp and clean with a nice hop bite.


hollister hefeweizen - 5.0% ABV

A light Bavarian wheat with hints of banana and clove.


ghost cat - 5.3% abv

American Blonde Ale lightly hopped with European

and American hops that gently mesh to create a medium bodied mouthfeel with a pleasing soft finish.


orange blossom special - 5.5% abv

A light refreshing golden ale brewed with 6 gallons of local orange blossom honey and the peels of 25 pounds of oranges.


spring fling - 6.0% ABV

A light, crisp Belgian Saison with spice and citrus notes.  Brewed with white pepper and locally grown lavender.


pencil pusher pale ale - 6.2% ABV

American style strong pale with full flavored malt body and complex hop profile that is dominated by ripe fruit and piney aromas.


sharp cookie - 5.3% ABV

This American style brown ale combines the rich chocolate and caramel flavors of a traditional brown ale with the hop punch of a pale ale.


wheelhouse stout - 7.9% ABV

This American style stout has a rich, roasted chocolate aroma and flavor with a hint of piny hops and an assertive bitterness.


Table 42 Red Ale - 6.4% ABV
Rich malty flavors of caramel and freshly baked bread with a mellow hop profile to balance.


pocket full o'green - 7.4% ABV

A twist on an American I.P.A., this completely unfiltered beer is still brewed with copious amounts of hops but mixes up the act by incorporating 30% wheat malt.  Adding a slightly softer mouthfeel and a fuller body, the wheat malt and the interplay of five different hop varietals make this a pleasure to sip.


The Pope I.P.A. - 6.8% ABV
Full bodied yet dry, this West Coast I.P.A. is packed with flavors reminiscent of fresh fruit and pine forests.


Hippie Kicker I.P.A. - 7.2% ABV

Bold and brash American style I.P.A. This beer has a bracing hop bitterness and aggressive in your face aroma. Expect a dry and sharp lingering aftertaste from this golden yellow meanie.


master plan D.I.P.A. - 8.2% ABV

This Imperial/Double India Pale Ale overflows with citrus-like aromas followed by an assertively bitter mouthfeel and delicious tropical hop flavors.